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Savannah Singer: savannah sparrow
Savannah Singer—savannah sparrow
Colored Pencil on Fabriano
13.5" x 9"

In June of 2003, I went for a drive down south of Eugene, pulled off the interstate and wandered around the backroads. Because I could. Because it was that kind of day. It’s an area full of farmfields and oak-covered buttes. Which is where I saw this sparrow singing his heart out to the grasslands. I made some sketches then and took some background photos but it took me three years to get closeup photos of this species singing so I could finally create this picture.

Savannah sparrows are a grassland species. They are most often seen, like this, singing from a fencepost or small tree. Otherwise, they are usually found on the ground. This is where they feed and even make their nest. Even when they fly, it usually low and close to the grasstops.

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