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Intensity: belted kingfisher
Intensity—belted kingfisher
Colored Pencil on Canson
9" x 14"

The belted kingfisher has long been a nemesis bird for myself and my husband. It’s not that hard to find one, but it has been very difficult to get one to cooperate for sketching and photographing. Until this fall at Westmoreland Park. This guy (females have both a blue band and red chest band) had his favorite hunting spot and perch and was used to people like us roaming around him. He stared at the water with unwavering attention, waiting for his moment to dive. The minute I saw him, I knew I would be creating this piece. The contrast between his plumage and the fall leaves was stunning and who could resist that hairdo?

If you would like to see some of the sketches I made of him, go to the 2006 sketchbook archive and look under October 22nd.

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