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As a wildlife biologist and artist, I create realistic artwork that captures the beauty of quiet moments in nature and conveys the deep connection I feel with the natural world. When I explore the outdoors, my imagination is captured by details like the curve of a heron’s long neck as it stalks its dinner or the power and grace of a bull bison grazing in the afternoon sun. My artwork allows me to share these first-hand experiences with others.

I work mainly in scratchboard or colored pencil, sometimes in pastels. The media I choose for a piece depends on the subject and the effect I am trying to create. My scratchboard pieces are more graphic and design-focused; my colored pencil work is more about light and mood. At this time, I am coping with a lot of life changes (including our new baby!), and I find myself working more in colored pencil. The work goes faster and the medium is more forgiving of mistakes.

Scratchboard art is uncommon because it is a demanding medium requiring patience and planning. I enjoy the challenge and I love the sculptural feel of the clay board. The image emerges from the black ink, scratch by scratch. I frequently combine traditional scratchboard with pen work and airbrushing to create a variety of soft effects.

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Water and Ouzel: American dipper

Scratchboard, 12" x 12". (detail)

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